Prominent Overwatch Hacker Has Been Arrested In South Korea

Overwatch has been plagued with hackers ever since its grand release; constantly disrupting the gaming experience of the many. However, nothing comes close than the severity of the hacking incident in the Korean community where it has already affected the growth of its Overwatch competitive community. Due to the rampant aimbot hacks, Blizzard has banned thousands of accounts in the region but it appears that the root-cause of the problem has not been fixed yet - until today when the South Korean authorities have finally arrested one of the prominent hack makers in the country. And he's surprisingly young.

Overwatch Hack Maker Arrested In South Korea

A Korean site called Daum has reported that a prominent hack maker, Lee has been arrested in Incheon, South Korea. Credits to Calycae from the Overwatch subreddit, the translated news revealed that the culprit was only 17 years old and that he is a high school dropout - which, according to him, started taking interest on hacking as early as his elementary years.

Based on the report, the culprit has been making Overwatch aimbot hacks, which he had sold for around 70,000 - 100,000 won or $70-100. It was also revealed that the hacker has had over a thousand clients in the community - most of which are Koreans. Lee explained that his aimbot hack enables the user to mark enemy positions through in-game walls and automatically locks the user's aim towards the head of the enemy player.

Severity Of Hacking In Korea

Following the arrest of Lee and the confiscation of his hacking tools, the hacker stated that "there are more sites selling such nuclear [hack] programs," which hinted that the hacking problems in Korea may be far from over. It should be worth noting that Blizzard has banned thousands of accounts in Korea last month due to blatantly disrupting the gaming experience of the many. However, it appears that the company has yet to fully purge the region from accessing these malicious tools.

Will Blizzard be able to do something about Overwatch hacks? Or will these clandestine acts remain unrelenting? Check back for more Overwatch news and updates!

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