Another Update Is Available In GTA 5 Online This Week

It seems that GTA 6 will not be coming anytime soon, as Rockstar Games is still making major improvements and adding new features in GTA 5 Online. In addition, the developer is offering big discounts to the eager players of the game.

Grab The Coolest Vehicle In GTA 5 Online

It is now everyone's chance to grab Turismo Classic, which costs $705,000 in GTA 5 Online. According to VG247, the said vehicle maybe expensive but it is considered as one of the fastest car in the game, which definitely gives value to the price.

Turismo Classic can compete with any other supercars in GTA 5 Online. If they are interested in owning a head-turner car, they can order it on Legendary Motorsport website at the game. The car is still part of Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicles update.

It can also help them win if they wish to participate in a premium race called Bumblebee. The prize will be $100,000 but they need to pay $20,000 to join the race. In addition, they must own a Rocket Voltic to qualify for the race. With a car like Turismo Classic, there is a chance that they can beat anyone who will join the race.

New Discounts Offered In GTA 5 Online

The sale will only last for two days starting on April 4. As per GameSpot, players can get a discount of 25 percent from any high-end items they will buy in GTA 5 Online. They are the Executive Offices and Executive Garages, which are a bit pricey.

The discount will also be applicable for certain vehicles like Debauchee Massacro and Pegassi Tempesta. If they wish to upgrade their cars, now is the best time because the transmissions, vehicle armor and brakes handguns are also part of the sale.

Rockstar Games is making sure that everything in GTA 5 Online will still interest the players, given that the release of the next installment is still unclear. Hopefully, they will still enjoy updates the developer continuously adds to the game.

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