YouTube Rolls Out Live TV App: Reach, Price And Restrictions

As if YouTube was not already big enough, the Google subsidiary has decided to extend their live streaming services. The video-sharing website has developed a Live TV app that allows users to watch television shows in one place. The most popular cable channels are already included in the application, such as Disney, The CW, Syfy and ESPN. Currently, it is available only to users living in five major U.S. cities and will cost them $35 per month.

YouTube first announced their plans for a Live TV app in February. However, they did not reveal the exact launch date and only coyly said that it would be rolled out soon. And two months later, the popular video-sharing site's users are downloading the app. Unfortunately, only people living in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and in the San Francisco Bay vicinity can enjoy the cable TV-killer in their hands for now.

But before jumping the gun and signing up for the YouTube Live TV app, there are a few things that are important to note. For one, the service is similar to existing ones like Netflix and Hulu. Therefore, this app will not be necessary if a person already has subscriptions to rival streaming services. However, if one only has cable for the sake of watching live events, then this service is worth giving a try.

The Live TV app also lets users use the service on Chromecast. However, YouTube warned against using the vintage version of Chromecast as users could experience more errors with it. Furthermore, the app does not support Roku and Apple TV as of the moment.

Also, location is crucial for the use of Live TV app. YouTube recommends that users wait until they arrive at their homes to sign up. That is because location determines a person's eligibility to activate the app. If somebody who actually lives in Los Angeles signs up outside of that area, then they would be unable to access the app.

And lastly, YouTube offers a free 30-day trial for their Live TV app. Still, credit card or debit card information is required when signing up. After the trial, the user's credit or debit card will be charged the $35 monthly recurring fee.

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