Google Slips And 'Confirms' Super-Sized New Pixel 2

Following the announcement last month of launching a third super-sized Pixel 2, Google made a subtle slip and confirms the successor of Pixel. The revelation comes as a welcoming news to those who have become fans of the tech giant's phone product. Despite it being arguably the ugliest-looking smartphone that costs more expensive than regular phones in the market, Pixel makes up for it with its powerful performance and a camera that is surprisingly more than satisfactory.

In its accidental revelation, the tech giant unveils the details of two new "normal" models that are currently being developed. Even code names of the work-in-progress models have been fished out from the Android Open Source Project Gerrit. In the open source team code collaboration software, the names ‘muskie’ and ‘walleye’ have surfaced as internal code names of Pixel's successors.

Interestingly, Google names its smart products according to its known obsession on fish. According to the Forbes, the tech giant has been naming their gadgets fish names, which always have a connection to their size. So while they remain just code names at this stage, we already have ideas on how big these two new Pixels are going to be.

This most likely means that the 2017 Pixels fishy codenames walleye and muskie are going to have large screen respective of their sizes. What's more exciting is the other new revelation of another code name, taimen, which is a monstrous fish. We speculate this could be a new tablet or a laptop rather than a smaller smartphone.

According to BGR, there is very sparse detail about Google's new super-sized Pixel and Pixel XL’s successors. The hardware will most likely feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821, and also featuring unique color options with a more casual approach. The company says that the new products will most likely launch after fall.

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