Here's How The New Tesla Model 3 Looks Like as Revealed By Spy Shots

What's clear from all the Tesla headlines lately is that people are excited to get a glimpse of the Model 3. Set to be mass produced in just three months, the new model's release candidates still has not made any clean appearance on the road yet. However, a set of new spy shots has just recently surfaced, giving you a clear view on the car's sleek appearance and a slightly blurred view of its interior way before you're supposed to it.

During its big announcement last year, CEO Elon Musk did assure that that was not the final design. Actually, the prototype already looked pretty awesome, and pre-orders have already been coming in for a car that Musk said will not have a traditional speedometer. So the biggest mystery that was spun from the prototype unveiling was how will we know how fast we are driving?

Incidentally, Jalopnik has spy shots of Tesla's Model 3 just today, and a lot of speculations have been confirmed, but the mystery about the speed remains. Per Jalopnik, the photos taken of the interior are still a bit blurry, but it was enough to reveal what's on the dashboard. There's a huge center screen, as promised, but looks like a big horizontal tablet stuck to the dash, unlike the earlier Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X which have a vertical one integrated with the rest of the car.

Presumably, the center screen that now sticks out of the dash will display basic information like speed and battery charge. It could also show details about the car’s autonomous driving technology, navigation, and the climate system. So far, based on the photos, no speedo has been detected.

According to BGR, it’s possible that the Tesla Model 3 has a heads-up display hidden in the car somewhere, even though it's hard to imagine where it's hidden. Additionally, the car's outer look, particularly the nose and the trunk have been noticeably tweaked. There's crease now for a more traditional look, which you can check out yourself by heading over Jalopnik.

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