Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date And Specs Rumors: October Launch Targeted For Kaby Lake-Powered Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be arriving in October, according to a fresh round of rumors. The hybrid tablet is also said to be coming with the Intel Kaby Lake processor among other impressive features.

The 2-in-1 tablet was expected to be launched along with the Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio last year. After the hybrid tablet did not surface in 2016, speculations indicated that the Surface Pro 5 will finally be unveiled this coming April 11 during the Windows 10 Creators Update. With a few days to go before the Microsoft event, it's looking more and more likely that the Surface Pro 5 announcement will be put on hold once more. One rumor is that the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date will be October 2017 in accordance with the recent tradition of releasing Surface devices and updates on that particular month. Microsoft is also said to be preparing for the expected increase in demand for the Surface Pro 5 after the success of its predecessor which is seen as another reason why the Surface Pro 5 has been delayed.

Aside from a new potential Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, the big news regarding the device is its features. More and more details are coming out but the most prominent rumor is that it will be powered by Intel's Kaby Lake CPU. This actually shouldn't come as a surprise as most upcoming high-end devices will utilize the latest that the industry has to offer. Intel has already announced that its Kaby Lake processors are now available and it is likely that Microsoft is looking at the possibility of using the said processor for its upcoming Surface Pro 5. The new Intel CPU boasts of having a better and more responsive turbo boost thanks to a 12 to 19 percent increase in integer performance. The new CPU also has a vastly improved dedicated video engine that will allow the Surface pro 5 to play back 4K videos. The new Kaby Lake processor will also allow the hybrid tablet to have a better battery life. The Surface Pro 5's battery is estimated to be around 2.6 times better than that of the Surface Pro 4.

Another rumor says that Microsoft will likely use the new AMD Ryzen processors. This rumor came about after a device that looks like a Microsoft Surface Pro was seen in the AMD-sponsored teaser for the film "Alien: Covenant". Regardless of the processor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date will still likely be October this year unless something else comes up.

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