Stop The NES Classic Edition Hunt, The Analogue Nt Mini Is A Better Retro Console

Still looking for an NES Classic Edition? Stop. All that hassle is not worth it especially with a better retro console readily available in the market. The Analogue Nt Mini may not be as popular as the modern take on the classic NES console but it does everything one would and should expect from a retro video game console.

The Analogue Nt Mini is similar to the NES Classic Mini in some ways. Both are miniature versions of their original selves and play the games that were used to be played on their older and bigger brothers. That's about it.

What differentiates the Analogue Nt Mini from the NES Classic are what makes it the better console. The Nt Mini is 20 percent smaller than the original Analogue Nt and, like the original, the hardware is beautifully done. The Analogue Nt Mini retains the gorgeous aluminum alloy case and design of the original but added some modern components to make it work with today's technology. TIME noted that the new mini console comes with 1080p graphics, 48KHz 16-bit audio, and digital HDMI and RGB outputs so users can plug it in current TV sets.

Another feature of the Analogue Nt Mini completely solves one of the major problems of the NES Classic Mini. Instead of having short cables, the Nt Mini comes with a wireless NES gamepad which allows the user to play as far away from the TV screen as possible.

One thing that really sets the Analogue Nt Mini apart from the NES Classic Edition is that it comes out of the box with the ability to play more than 2,000 games. The rare Nintendo mini console only has 35 games in its library. If not for brilliant hackers and modders, the NES Classic will not be able to play the entire 700-game library of the NE and FamiCom as well as games from other consoles particularly GameBoy, SNES and Mega Drive.

The only caveat, as CNET mentioned, is that the Analogue Nt Mini costs $449 which is a lot considering the NES Classic Edition costs a paltry $60. However, because of the NES Classic's rarity, available units cost way more than its original price. Those who are willing to spend on nostalgia and an actual good-looking and better retro console, then the Analogue Nt Mini is a perfect choice.

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