5 Must-See Sky Events: When And Where To Watch

The sky always offers its fair share of cosmic treats and this week promises to be particularly pleasing. Check out five great night time events this week you'll want to be sure you don't miss.

1. Antares

Check out the bright orange star Antares starting at nightfall on Monday May 20. It will appear rising in the southeastern sky. Located 600 light-years from Earth and 900 times the diameter of our sun, Antares is the 16th brightest star in the sky. It also constitutes the eye of the summer constellation Scorpius.

2. Saturn and Moon

On the night of Wednesday May 22, check out the moon to the lower right of Saturn.

3. Planetary Trio

The month's biggest celestial event starts on Friday May 24. If you look at the low western sky a half hour after sunset you'll be able to see Mercury, Venus and Jupiter unusually close to each other. The three planets will be within five degrees of each other. The event should last for five days.

4. The Moon And Antares

A couple of hours after sunset on May 25, you'll be able to see the moon rise to the far left of Antares.

5. Tight Planet Triangle

On Sunday May 26, you'll be able to see Mercury, Venus and Jupiter at their closest, making an almost equilateral triangle. You'll definitely want to check it out, as all three planets will be within two degrees of each other. It should be an amazing sight and make for a nice photo.

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