Adam Levine Lays Down Proposition To Do Only One Season A Year On 'The Voice'

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Apr 08, 2017 09:27 AM EDT

After Adam Levine was rumored to leave "The Voice" with co-coach Blake Shelton, the Maroon 5 lead vocalist is said to propose that he only appear one season a year instead of two. Speculations continue to claim that Levine is already growing tired of the talent show. The singer might, however, denied the talks as he said that it is hard for him to imagine his future without "The Voice."

Previous reports claim that Adam Levine wants his time with "The Voice" cut into half where he will appear only on one season per year instead of his usual full participation in two installments. It was also said that Adam wants the set-up effective this year and will continue throughout the future. The supposed source of the buzz has however reportedly made it clear that Adam is not leaving the show.

The rumors of Adam Levin wanting only one cycle surfaced amid the reports that the NBC channel is in a war with Fox to win the rights of reviving "American Idol." Should NBC succeeds in the bid, "The Voice" will eventually need to give up its two-season-per-year release to give way to the other singing competition show. These reports though have not yet been confirmed by the network and Adam Levine is not commenting on his alleged proposition to "The Voice" producers.

The talks might be mere speculations though as Levine previously said that he is sticking with "The Voice" for a while. His statement was to deny the rumors that he is leaving the show with buddy Blake Shelton. It might be hard to believe though that he wants a shorter time with the reality show as he also previously expressed his passion for the series which he has been a part of since it started in 2011.

Meanwhile, Adam Levine is hoping to grab his fourth win this season on "The Voice" and a lot of the show's fans believe he has a good chance at dominating the competition this time. Fans are rooting for Hannah Eyre as Adam's biggest talent this season. She won the favor of her coach Adam Levine from the previous Knockout Rounds against Autumn Turner. Will Adam Levine finally take his record closer to Blake Shelton's five wins through Eyre on "The Voice" season 12?

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