'Winds of Winter' Not Coming Out Before 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7; George R.R. Martin Prioritizes Other Projects?

The sixth book in the literary saga "A Song of Ice and Fire" once again experiences a delay in its release date as author George R.R. Martin is reportedly busy with other projects. HBO confirmed the new task they assigned to the author and Martin himself admitted that he has a lot on his plate causing further delays. The "Winds of Winter" then might appear on the shelves after the "Game of Thrones" season 7 comes out later this year.

George R.R. Martin is not yet done penning the "Winds of Winter" book which is already overdue. The material was supposed to be the basis for "Game of Thrones" season 6's script and narrative but unfortunately, the author was not able to wrap up the novel before the said installment's production. Yet again, the promise of launching "Winds of Winter" before the "Game of Thrones" season 7 premiere on mid-July might not be fulfilled.

There were then a lot of theories that came out as to why "Winds of Winter" keep on experiencing delays. George Martin's Stagecoach Foundation initiative is reportedly keeping the author distracted from finishing his novel. The organization is believed to be building a 30,000-square foot film studio which the author is rumored to be putting his focus on. George R. R. Martin has however denied the rumors and called out the speculations saying he is disappointed with the bad journalism that is attacking him.

A more convincing theory though being looked at by the "A Song of Ice and Fire" readers is the author's other projects. It was confirmed later last year that HBO signed Martin for a certain project that the network is yet to name. Some fans though are guessing that a spinoff series of "Game of Thrones" will be in the works as the popular show is about to end with its eighth installment that might come out in 2018.

George R.R. Martin also made an effort to explain the delays on "Winds of Winter" writing on his blog as cited by Sports Grid: "I love my work, all my work, all my projects, all my children, but sometimes it seems as if the harder I work, the further behind I get." He has however assured through a comment that he will soon finish the book but will need time to do so. "I just need more hours in the day. Oh, and more energy would help too. I do get tired more quickly than I used to," he explained.

The first title of the "A Song of Ice and Fire," "A Game of Thrones," was released in August 1996. The second book titled "A Clash of Kings" was then launched in February 1999 and "A Storm of Swords" came later in November 2000. George R.R. Martin then took a longer time to finish the fourth installment titled "A Feast for Crows" which came out in November 2005. The latest story was "A Dance with Dragons" which hit the shelves in July 2011.

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