Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Copy Galaxy S8 Looks

Just this weekend, a photo of the alleged Galaxy Note 8 has surfaced on the web. There were no specific details about the phone itself but it did show that the supposed Note 8 looks a lot like the Galaxy S8. It has already been predicted several times that the Galaxy Note 8 will take some of the S8's specs but it is quite unexpected that the latter's physical appearance will also be largely copied.

The leak came from Slash Leaks and has been on Reddit for discussions. Nevertheless, the leaked image is unconfirmed by Samsung which is why other sources believe that it could also be fake. There are some inconsistencies in the alleged Note 8 device including the lack of sensors near the speaker grille and the lack of the iris scanner sensor, Phone Arena reported.

Nevertheless, discussion corners have also seen some believers of the image. There are people who believe that this alleged Galaxy Note 8 is at least a prototype. Needless to say, the leaked image still strongly suggest that the Note 8 could highly resemble the Galaxy S8 in terms of specs. For instance, the upcoming device could also have the Infinity Display, no home button and the presence of the Bixby button. Samsung might start embracing its new technologies and be consistent across all its flagship devices.

As for the Galaxy Note 8's release date, the company is still far from the expected launching of the phablet. Samsung is known for its H2 release of its Note phones so there's little chance that the company is changing its traditional dates this year. If the Note 7's release date should be any clue, there is a good possibility that the Note 8 could come out in August. Right now the only other leak about the said smartphone pertains to its software build numbers, which practically just confirms that the device is already under development.

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