Pokémon Sun And Moon: Fans Not Happy With The Marshadow Unveiling

The Pokémon Company has been quite reticent, as of late until today - as the mythical Pokémon, Marshadow has now been officially added into the game. However, despite the popularity of the Pokémon, the reveal was met with negative remarks; with fans calling it mundane and boring. Here's why.

Pokémon Sun And Moon : Marshadow

Ever since the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon way back in November, fans have been clamoring for the official release of Mac shadow; citing the Pokémon's unique typing and surreal animation. However, to the majority's dismay, the Pokémon Company did not release the anticipated Marshadow event; until today - six months later.

In the Pokémon subreddit, fans emphasized the uproar; pointing out that Marshadow could have been an amazing reveal had it not been spoilt by hackers trying to obtain the mythical Pokémon a lot earlier than the system permits. Furthermore, Marshadow has already been illegally obtained and "genned" by many, which made the unveiling nothing more than "formalities". This makes Marshadow a legit Pokémon that trainers can now safely obtained without getting banned. However, aside from that, as one fan stated, "The event has nothing more to it."

Why Marshadow Has Only Been Added Today

Apparently, the Marshadow reveal was in conjunction to the latest Pokémon movie trailer as shown down below. Ironically, the trailer was met with negative comments as well; citing how the Pokémon movies aren't cannon and are most likely irrelevant to the franchise's universe.

Meanwhile, for those that are wondering for the release of Marshadow, the Pokémon Company did not announce a release date but they hinted that the mythical Pokémon will come "sooner than expected," which led many to believe that it will be released before the launch of the upcoming Pokémon movie, which is scheduled for mid-July in Japan.

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