Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Controversy Upsets 'KUWTK' Star

The Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad controversy has apparently upset the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star. According to reports, she wants to maintain a low profile at the moment. She wants to spend more time with her family until the controversy surrounding the commercial fades away.

Pepsi earlier retracted the commercial featuring the reality TV show star. There was a huge backlash about the ad, where the 21-year-old is seen offering police officers a can of the soft drink and apparently solving serious social problems like discrimination. Many have called the Pepsi ad an insult to the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Jenner is photographed the way activist Ieshia Evans was when she walked up to a line of a riot in Louisiana and calmly stood there until she got arrested. Many have blamed Pepsi for being "tone deaf" to the real social issues and trying to find an easy solution.

Amid the controversy, Kendall Jenner has left Paris for Los Angeles. The model is taking it easy and leaning on her family. According to a source, Kendall Jenner is not happy about what followed the Pepsi ad, as she plans on "laying low" at the moment. "She still talks about it a lot and has support from her family," the source told PEOPLE. "She is spending a quiet weekend with her family."

"Saturday Night Live" has made a spoof of behind-the-scenes events of the controversial Pepsi ad. According to Variety, Cecily Strong plays Kendall Jenner's character in the spoof. "I stop the police from shooting people by handling them a Pepsi," Strong says in the sketch. "I know. It's cute, right?"

Meanwhile, the "KUWTK" star is in constant touch with her sisters and mother. Her family is reportedly quite supportive of her during the situation. They are ready to advise her accordingly, as the young model is not used to be a part of such a huge controversy.

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