‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Spoilers: Will Eren Fall In Love With Mikasa? Hajime Isayama Drops The Details

Some die-hard fans of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 are wondering if Eren will finally get romantically interested in Mikasa. The two have created a special bond for each other since their military training. Now that season two is airing, some fans are wishing that they will finally hook up. Hajime Isayama, the creator of the anime, has some spoilers that he recently shared that will shed light in this regard.

Eren Will Bond With Mikasa But Not In The Way Fans Would Like It

From the spoilers that Isayama revealed, it appears that Eren and Mikasa will continue strengthening their mutual bond for each other in the second season. However, it is not in the way that some fans would want their relationship to develop. The creator flatly stated that Eren's love for Mikasa in "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will be that of a son to a mother. That means Eren loves Mikasa as he loves his mother.

Mikasa May Have A Problem

This could pose some problem with Mikasa in "Attack on Titan" Season 2 because as most fans believe, she really is nurturing special romantic feelings towards Eren. In season one, she always blushes when her comrades and friends say that Eren is his boyfriend. Furthermore, when Eren was eaten by a Titan, she went berserk and attacked a Titan without thinking about the danger.

It Is The Same As Eren's Love For His Mother

On the other hand, Eren gets inspiration from Mikasa just like the motivation that he gets from his mother. This kind of love is very valuable in times of tension and grief just like what they are experiencing in "Attack on Titan" Season 2. Additionally, Isayama's spoilers indicate that there is no emphasis on love in the anime series.

Is Eren Incapable Of Loving A Woman?

The main story plot of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 is on the action. Fans who have been faithfully watching the series and reading its manga version know that Eren utterly hates the Titans because his mother was killed by one. Some honest spoilers reveal that he is not capable of loving a woman until he has completely destroyed all the Titans.

Fans can catch the following episodes of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 every Saturday on different TV networks in Japan. Those in the U.S.A. and other countries can catch these episodes on the usual anime websites that stream the series.

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