Overwatch: Insurrection Event Keeps A Heartbreaking Reminder Through A Spray

The Overwatch Insurrection event focuses on the tragic omnic crisis in the past while shedding light on each characters' past. In line with this, one heartbreaking moment can be discovered from within the new various in-game sprays.

Overwatch Insurrection Event Trailer Leaked

Mashable reports that the trailer for the new event in the game has recently been leaked albeit in the French language. Nevertheless, fans can get a good grasp on the upcoming mode and skins that will be arriving this week. The event itself takes place in the past when the strike team was still together and fighting against the omnic crisis.

Fans will be able to play a new mode similar to that of the Halloween event. This time, Torbjorn, Tracer, Reinhardt and Mercy will be fighting against omnic hordes in the ruined streets of King's Row. The trailer also suggests that the event will run from April 11 to May 1.

Tribute To A Character's Tragic Past

Aside from all of the awesome skins and map reworks, the game will also be getting a new set of emotes, possible voice lines and sprays. In line with this, one of the sprays is a photo of newlyweds. While this may not seems like much, Polygon reports that this references Widowmaker's origins wherein she was once a wife to one of the original members, Gerard.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Widowmaker aka Amelie Lacroix was kidnapped and brainwashed by Talon. Because of this, she ended up killing her husband and joining the evil organization as one of their best assassins. Since then, she has carried out various missions and has often teamed up with ex-member Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper and hacker Sombra.

Despite her cold countenance, it seems like Widowmaker might still be housing a bit of her original humanity, especially her love for her husband as seen in the Christmas comic. This wedding photo serves as a reminder that Amelie herself was just a victim in Talon's schemes in overthrowing the strike team. Fans can play the Overwatch Insurrection event later this week.

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