Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Upset Fans For Being Careless; Duggar Parents Allegedly Placed Their Kids In Danger?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are facing a lot of criticisms over the photo they posted recently on social media. The family was happy to share a picture on how the youngest Duggar daughters are enjoying their childhood with their bikes, but some of their fans do not seem to share the same bliss with the parents. Jim Bob and Michelle are now subjects of speculations, accusing them of letting their kids face great risk.

The life of the Duggars being opened to the world earned them a lot of followers which might be beneficial for their goal to spread the "Word" but their fame also got them a number of critics. With people expecting Jim Bob and Michelle to be perfect parents and couple, even their tiniest flaws cannot escape the eyes of their detractors. Some might prefer to call themselves as concerned fans but the speculations they are making over the recent post of the Duggar family is putting them in hot water with their other followers.

Jim Bob and Michelle recently shared a photo of their youngest daughters on their Facebook page where the girls are riding their bikes. While the girls seem to enjoy their little sister bonding some fans were quick to express their concern about their safety. One fan questioned how they go on a stroll without using safety gears like helmets, elbow and knee pads. Some even called out to the Duggar daughter wearing a long dress that might cause an accident while someone pointed at the rocky road that might trip the girls.

While the latest photo shared by the Duggar parents immediately earned disagreements, their loyal followers also took the time to defend Jim Bob and Michelle writing that their kids would likewise not need helmets for only a little ride. Jim Bob and Michelle are just letting their followers give their opinion and not commenting on the controversy.

This is not the first time that people flocked on a social media post of the Duggars. The family members are active on posting updates on their blog and Facebook page where fans are actually always quick to give their opinion. A solid example was Jinger's Instagram post that fueled pregnancy rumors. Another photo that earned several thoughts was Jinger Duggar Vuolo's photo where she was sporting a pair of short pants.

Josh Duggar's pictures are also attracting speculations that TLC is slowly bringing the "persona" non grata" back on television. Jana Duggar's photo of fixing a bouquet left an impression on fans that she is already courting. The Caldwell sisters' appearance on Duggar pictures also sparked courtship talks. While some of these talks were proven true, some theories formed through the photos were also proven as mere speculations.

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