DJI Spark Leak Shows Tiny Selfie Drone Version Of The Mavic Pro

A series of leaked images that recently surfaced shows what could be the DJI Spark. The drone in the photos is clearly a new one but is interestingly quite familiar. That's because it resembles the popular DJI Mavic Pro albeit a tinier version of it.

DJI recently got the Spark moniker trademarked last month which is why many quickly speculated that the new drone in the leaked images will be called such. According to Blasting News, the images were first seen in one of the Chinese forums of DJI. They have since been taken down but not before some online publications managed to grab the images.

The DJI Spark is supposedly a drone made especially for taking selfies while others think it will be a racing drone. Its small stature and portability make it easy to think that it will be less expensive than its big brothers and will likely be promoted more for personal use and simpler tasks like shooting short videos.

As seen in the said images, the supposedly new DJI selfie drone is almost as large as a hand and still looks small even with its arms spread out. The DJI Spark looks a lot like the DJI Mavic Pro, one of the company's most popular products. The outline of the new drone's battery also looks like that of the Mavic Pro.

The images also show that the camera is attached to a gimbal that doesn't look anything like those used in previous DJI drones. There also seem to be four contact points on the Spark which may be there for arrival landing or to be used as a charging dock. There are also speculations that the front part of the drone may be housing more sensors.

Another rumor is that the tiny selfie drone can only move up and down and needs to be rotated in order to pan it left and right. This rumor is supposedly backed up by a YouTube video claiming that the clip was shot from a prototype of the DJI Spark. However, the YouTuber who goes by Sami Lou did not show the drone itself so fans may want to take this with a grain of salt.

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