Kendall Jenner Traumatized With The Turn Out Of Her Commercial?

After Pepsi's latest commercial has received so many negative reactions, Kendall Jenner was recently reported to be traumatized over the backlash that she has also received. It was found that the supermodel - reality TV star is now worrying about her modeling career after what happened to her Pepsi advertisement. In the said commercial, Jenner is allegedly shown in the midst of a photo shoot as protesters took over the nearby street where she allegedly got intrigued and went with them.

A Traumatized Kendall Jenner

According to Perez Hilton, contrary to what she was expecting, Kendall thought that the ad was going to be well received by the masses, and was truly shocked when it wasn't. An unnamed source reveals that the 21-year-old supermodel was having such high hopes for the commercial and now she's terrified that she'll never be able to work again or become a laughing stock. Furthermore, given that the world sees Kendall as a glamorous, sophisticated and jet-setting woman, the source claims that this must have been a very painful and embarrassing moment for her.

Meanwhile, as per Toronto Sun, the actors in the commercial said that most of the extras in the ad weren't even from the US. That said, it was also found that they really had no idea about the significance of the advertisement's message. In one of his statements, one actor from Bangkok said that he's not from the US and perhaps if he only lived there and knew the issues, he claims that he would probably feel bad as well.

Ultimately, some critics believe that Pepsi must have downplayed the recent resurgence in public protests. On the other hand, some people are allegedly concerned as to how Pepsi's closest rival, Coca-cola, must have been feeling after what happened in the commercial. However, as of press time, sources say that Kendall Jenner allegedly went around after the Pepsi ad fiasco.


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