Tesla Model 3 Will Not Give You The Best Driving Experience Says Company

The new Tesla Model 3 will not provide owners with the best driving experience. This is what the company admitted in a blog. However, the statement was given as an answer to one of the frequently asked questions of whether one should get the new Tesla Model 3 or the Model S.

Forbes mentioned that the admission was made in a published blog post titled "Model S or Model 3". In the post, Tesla was honest enough to say that its premium models will still be superior to other cars such as the upcoming Model 3. The Model S is Tesla's high-end car. It comes with more advanced technologies than the Model 3 which makes it the better car in terms of driving experience. The blog post also noted that the Model 3, while being the latest from the company, will not be the so-called Version 3 or, in other words, the next generation car from Tesla.

Since the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled, a number of people have claimed they have spotted the test car on the road. Many of them have photos and videos to back their claims. As BGR noted, Tesla has yet to reveal the final design of the Model 3. However, the photos and videos that are currently circulating online, give a glimpse of the highly-anticipated electric car, however, vague it may be.

For starters, the prototype seems to have a button near the touchscreen display at the center of the dashboard. It is not known yet what the button is for but the grainy photo confirms what Tesla CEO Elon Musk said before that the Model 3 will not have a futuristic dashboard. The prototype also had a new feature on its side near the rear door of the car. Some have speculated that this could be an additional sensor and that the Model 3 may have a total of 10 Autopilot cameras.

Despite the excitement behind the upcoming release of the electric car, some people have questioned the pricing of the Model 3 while also doubting whether Tesla can push through with its promise of delivering the cars on time.

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