Satisfaction Not Guaranteed: New Study Shows Americans Despise Telecommunications Providers

According to a recent survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, internet service providers are leading the nation in poor service. Though the tech industry continues to blossom, and providers constantly explore ways to optimize service; it is not translating to happy customers. According to the ACSI, internet service providers rank last in customer satisfaction amongst United States citizens. This industry ranks below such oft-maligned industries as the IRS and commercial airlines. 

The ACSI operates on a scale of 1-100. Just as in a test at school, a score of below 70 is considered to be a below average rating. Comcast, Cox Communications, AT&T, Time Warner Cable and Century Link all currently fall in the bottom of customer satisfaction. Comcast had the lowest score of 62 out of 100. The only major internet provider to score above a 70 and receive a passing grade was Verizon Fios. Though Verizon "passed" the ACSI survey, they did so with a score of 71, one point above the pass/fail threshold.

According to the ACSI the national average for customer satisfaction falls at a paltry 76.6. When surveying consumers across the country, the ACSI found that most consumers felt that internet providers do not "deliver on any aspect of customer service in a particularly impressive fashion."

Consumers noted that poor customer service and technical assistance, coupled with high cost and low reliability of service helped them make their grades. The ACSI found that though the telecommunications industry is constantly changing, the average American still feels that a wider variety of cell phone and internet packages should become available. The general consensus being that not every American uses their phone, television or computer in the same manner, and that generalized packages ultimately serve no benefit for the consumer. 

Though the consumer ratings are so low, the ACSI notes that customers are often feel trapped in their plans. This causes them to stay with a provider, but also grow to resent their service. For example, when one attempts to terminate a cell-phone contract early, due to poor service, they are presented with a cancellation fee often totaling over $300. 

As the race to dominate the telecommunications world continues, it is clear that Americans are still not happy with their overall experience.  

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