Jessa Duggar Cancels Her Ohio Talk; Jessa Supposed To Touch Josh's Molestation Issues As A Result Of Not Dressing Modestly?

Jessa Duggar is supposed to be in Ohio this week to speak about being fashionably modest but reports claim that she has canceled her appointment due to controversies. The fan-favorite star of "Counting On" is reported to share about how dressing properly can save women from sexual assaults. The report has then sparked countless speculations which claim that Jessa is to preach about his brother's molestation scandals and how he was actually just a victim of seduction.

Ben Seewald's wife was set to support a retreat in Ohio this April where she was supposed to talk the attending ladies on dressing modestly in today's very liberated world. However, her participation in the event sparked countless talks as her chosen subject for preaching touches her brother's dark history.

It can be recalled that Josh Duggar admitted to sexually molesting five girls during his teenage years and four of them were his sisters. Jessa Duggar was one of Josh's molestation victims but it turns out now that she might have urged her brother to abuse her.

Jessa Duggar serves as a fashion icon to some of her fans and to families with the same religious standards as her family's. The Duggar family, most especially their matriarch Michelle, has been strict on implementing a dress code where the ladies are to wear long dresses that will cover them up from neck to toe. While Jessa probably intends to help women realize the importance of preserving themselves, some people were quick to speculate about her past with Josh Duggar.

Several reports point out on how the beliefs of the Quiverfull families sanctioned Josh Duggar's scandals. The homeschooling materials used by the Duggar family were exposed after Josh's molestation confession. The curriculum basically teaches the parents how sexual abuse is often times the victim's fault which is maybe why Michelle is persistent in her dress code rules.

Following such teaching, many people believe that Jessa Duggar talking about dressing modestly is odd when her parent might be thinking that she and her other sisters are at fault on why Josh molested them. With the controversy wrapping Jessa's talk, latest rumors have it that she already canceled her appearance to stop all the talks about her family. Jessa Duggar though has not yet confirmed the reports on whether she will push through with her Ohio retreat or not.

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