‘Fairy Tail' Episode 531 Spoilers: Zeref's Neo Eclipse A Hindrance To Ravines Of Time

Much has been said about Zeref’s motive in episode 530. However, the most acceptable reason on why he needs to get hold of the Neo Eclipse is to restart the time. Also, it seems that Anna wants to use neo eclipse as well to delete Acnologia.

Acnologia The Black Dragon

Fans will surely be delighted to hear this as ‘Fairy Tail’ Episode 531 will showcase the battle between Anna Heartfilia and her mage against Acnologia. The rivalry and disgust between the two characters are fully documented. Acnologia, also known as The Black Dragon, has always been considered as a mysterious character on the show. Long before he was known as the Black Dragon, Acnologia was a bloodthirsty person who kills any dragon in his path regardless if it was his comrades.

Episode 531: ‘Pegasus vs The Black Dragon’

The next episode titled “Pegasus vs Black Dragon” will provide an in-depth analysis on why these two characters hate each other. To recall, Anna is an exceptional celestial mage who is responsible for opening Eclipse Gate four. She is also the main catalyst in helping the Dragon Slayers defeat Acnologia. The clever mage thought that they’ve seen the last of the Black Dragon but she was wrong.

Ravines Of Time

The Ravines of Time is probably the most important piece of the puzzle for Anna Heartfilia’s plan. It is a place where anything and everything are reduced to nothingness or basically eliminating them from the world that they know. There is a misconception about the Neo Eclipse that was introduced during the last episode. The Neo Eclipse is not a new Eclipse Gate as shown in multiple spoilers. The Neo Eclipse is basically a plan or a spell that Zeref wanted to have. Zeref is planning to reset back the time for 400 more years in the past which will likely derail Anna’s plans.

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