God Of War 4 Release Date Points To December This Year

If there is one game that is likely to become a huge hit this year, it's no other than Sony's God of War 4. Despite all the interest that the community has been showing, the studio has been very scarce in releasing details. In fact, the developers have yet to announce an official release date. However, new leaks have surfaced pointing to a possible launching later this year.

As to reported, God of War 4 -- a PlayStation 4 exclusive -- is likely to arrive on Dec. 29 this year. This is after a couple of leaks along with retail listings, seemingly point to the aforementioned timeline. The only catch, though, is that the developers at Sony Santa Monica have yet to confirm or officially announce it. So yes, this information should still be taken with a grain of salt.

Moreover, the leaks somehow reveal a multiplayer mode of sort for God of War 4. Now, if this is true, then it's a complete opposite to what director Cory Barlog said in the past. He mentioned about the game being a solid single-play game only. Regardless of what possible factors made them changed their decisions, having this feature is certainly an interesting experience for the players.

GameZone notes that the aforesaid God of War 4 feature can be backed up by a recent job posting from the tech giant. It describes the kind of person the studio is looking for, one that's "passionate." The qualifications and responsibilities have also been featured. Apparently though, there's no hint or whatsoever pointing to the development of the said mode.

Whether or not God of War 4 arrives with a multiplayer mode, it is still likely for fans to flock to this game. After all, they have been waiting for Kratos to resurface. It is also quite exciting given the fact that the protagonist is now a father. So, in a sense, players will get to experience a different kind of hero this time.

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