WWE Seth Rollins' New Finisher Revealed, RIP To The Pedigree

The Architect, Seth Rollins surprised the crowd when he pulled off a new finisher in a dark match on Monday Night Raw. Although there is no name given yet on his new maneuver, WWE Universe might have seen the last “Pedigree” during Wrestlemania 33.

The Curb Stomp

The WWE Superstar Shakeup has been the main topic for three straight weeks in wrestling right now. There were a lot of names who have transferred to their new home while other Superstars are busy reinventing themselves. Among them is the former WWE Champion, Seth Rollins. When Rollins entered WWE, he was paired with his brothers Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Together, they build one of the greatest faction in wrestling called “The Shield”. During those days, Seth Rollins finisher was the Curb Stomp.

The Pedigree

When Seth Rollins betrayed Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, he had to change his finisher. According to his interview, the very reason why it was replaced is because of Vince McMahon. The CEO of WWE think that the move is very easy to do but very dangerous especially when kids tries to copy it. Rollins then went on to use “The Pedigree” which is made famous by Triple H. It was no coincidence why Rollins choose The Pedigree. Triple H has cited Seth Rollins as his own protege and a rightful heir to the devastating move.

The Knee Strike?

However, Seth Rollins and Triple H relationship ended after multiple fights against each other. Rollins stated that he doesn’t want to be remembered as Triple H’s clone. The Architect also suggested numerous finishing move that he thinks suit his style. Seth Rollins got the green light and showed the WWE Universe his new move. For those who haven’t seen it yet, it is already available in streaming websites. His move is like a standing knee attack directed to opponent’s face.

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