Xbox Fans, Get Ready: Microsoft Will Officially Unveil Project Scorpio At The 2017 E3

Microsoft has been teasing Xbox fans with small details regarding Project Scorpio for months now. Tech pundits are saying that the refreshed console will have a CPU and GPU that will allow it to run games at in 4K. The tech company has also shared what hardware made up the prototype. But nothing is set in stone and everything will only be revealed at the official unveiling. Fortunately, fans of the console will see it this June at the 2017 E3 conference.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division of Microsoft, made the announcement via Xbox Wire, IGN writes. He said they are eager to show off Project Scorpio at the 2017 E3 in Los Angeles and the game experiences it could power. Spencer also expressed his pride regarding the progress that has been made with the project.

However, there is no news yet regarding the release date of Project Scorpio. Nevertheless, it is expected that Microsoft will also reveal when the new Xbox will hit the stores and how much it will setback players at the gaming conference. But Fortune points out that the tech giant once said they will release the new console during the 2017 holiday season. This would align with the 2013 debut of the Xbox One, which was launched in November.

Microsoft first made public their plans for a new Xbox at the 2016 edition of E3. Over time, they shared small details regarding Project Scorpio. And last week, the company gave select tech journalists a first look at the console's prototype. According to them, it has a noteworthy performance and it is indeed capable of displaying 4K graphics. Additionally, it also improves the visual quality of games, a weakness found in Xbox One.

With regard to the price, Project Scorpio could cost gaming aficionados $500. It will be a hundred bucks more expensive than Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro and could make it less inviting to non-hardcore gamers.

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