Nintendo Is About To Release These Awesome Hardwares For Switch

Nintendo is currently busy showing their new cool hardware to give gamers awesome experience in immersing themselves in the highly popular Switch. Just right after the company broadcasted its special game announcements through Nintendo Direct, it is now ready to start making a few hardware-centric headlines. There will soon be a bunch of extra Switch accessories you might be interested in to give the gaming experience more variety.

The most interesting new accessory news that has been unveiled is that the Switch console's Joy-Con controllers will soon be available in trendy Neon Yellow color option. This will complement the existing Grey, Neon Blue, and Neon Red models that users are utilizing right now. There will also be a new battery pack that will debut alongside the Yellow Joy-Con.

Nintendo Switch did not offer more details about the battery pack, which seems to be a bit of a strange accessory. This is because the Joy-Con controllers already have their internal batteries when they aren't connected to the Switch. According to Tom's Hardware, the internal batteries could run for about 20 hours per charge, while the Switch's own battery could last for about 3 hours.

There's nothing wrong with an additional battery power, but the real purpose for it might escape some users. It really all depends on the gamers if they want to purchase these extra accessories and if it fits within their budget. According to the BGR, the Joy-Con controllers themselves are $50 each or $80 in packs of two, but the new battery pack's price is yet to be revealed.

If Nintendo Switch's new Amiibo battery pack is not reasonably priced, it would probably make more sense to just buy the new Joy-Cons than to extend the existing controllers' or console's battery life. You can make a more informed decision once the battery pack's price is revealed. In the meantime, there is no denying that this game console has a tremendous success compared to its contemporaries, giving the company the win it needs to its hardware business.

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