'Prepare To Dine' Teaser Released For The New Bloodborne/Dark Souls Game; What's It About?

People are still riding out their post The Ringed City hangovers and Bandai Namco is already teasing fans mercilessly about a new project. It recently released a teaser trailer with the tagline "Prepare to Dine" and fans who enjoyed both the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchise shared their excitement for a possible game inspired by either of the two. The trailer showcased beautiful art and cinematic finesse with the whole aesthetic inspired by very Gothic themes.

Prepare To Dine : A New Bandai Namco Project

However, Bandai Namco released a statement that this new teaser is from a "new title" it is working on. Whether or not this game is tied or similar to the Souls series or Bloodborne is anyone's guess. According to PCgamer, the Dark Souls series' axiom is "Prepare to Die" and the trailer echoes the gothic architecture and enemies from Hidetaka Miyazaki's creation.

It is safe to assume that the game will not look like the teaser since Bandai Namco itself said that the teaser "Prepare to Dine" is an original animation inspired by its new project. The new project will be revealed and announced on the April 20. Due to the vagueness of the trailer, fans can't help but speculate about this new project from Bandai Namco.

Prepare To Dine : What's It About?

Speculations and theories have circled the internet in mere hours after the teaser was released. Based on the animation and the tagline "Prepare to Dine" people are assuming (and hoping) the game is tied to vampires and werewolves. Who knows? Maybe "Prepare to Dine" is the Souls vampire game everyone's been waiting for.

Forbes, however, theorized that "Prepare to Dine" could be a teaser for a new vampire gothic-inspired card game from Bandai Namco. This is based on the fact that cards are prominent in the teaser, with emphasis. It seems there is no other way to know but wait for Bandai's announcement on April 20.

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