‘Dragon Ball Super' Update: Origins Of All Angels And Supreme Kai's Revealed

Before the epic clash between the fiercest fighters from the multiverse, TOEI Animation provided some information about all the Angels and the Supreme Kai’s. Universe 11 might look intimidating but they are not on the same level with the 4 Strongest Universe.

Right now, Universe 6, 7, and 11 are the only universe that has been thoroughly discussed by TOEI Animation. However, a few hours ago, they’ve released multiple information about the other universe. This certain universe seems to be a lot better based on their Supreme Kai’s and Angels. It is still a question on whether on not the Gods Of Destruction and the Supreme Kai’s are correlated. Plenty of theories were provided but none of them are approved by TOEI Animation.

The origins of the Angels have been revealed before. The most common Angels are from Universe 6, 7, and 11. These three angels have different personalities but each and every one of them has the capability to defeat their Gods of Destruction. According to the rankings and Beerus himself, his attendant or The Angel Whis is his teacher, which basically means that Whis is a lot stronger than Beerus as shown in multiple videos.

Universe 1 And 2

Universe 1 is one of the top 4 Universes in the Multiverse as stated by The Grand Priest, Daishinkan. Their God Of Destruction is Ivan who looks like the God Shiva. Ivan is widely considered as the toughest God of Destruction in the whole multiverse. Universe 1’s Supreme Kai is Anato, a very gentle and tactical God. Their attendant or angel is Awamo whose appearance is like Bodhisattva. Universe 2 has the only female God of Destruction in Jerez. Like her Angel Saware, they don’t like anything ugly and perceived as a peacemaker. However, their Supreme Kai is different, Pell is considered as the King of The South and he was the one who had a shooting spree with Universe 3’s Supreme Kai, Makoto.

Universe 3-5

Universe 3 has the Robot God Of Destruction name Mosco and his attendant named Campari. Campari is the tall but very thin angel who is the only being that can understand the Robot God. Univers 4’s God of Destruction looks like a mouse by the name of Kitara. According to the official website of TOEI Animation, this God has the counter attack for any Virus. Their Supreme Kai is Kuru who is tagged as the most arrogant Kai in the multiverse. Their attendant is Conic who is very insightful towards any given event. Universe 5 has the smallest God Of Destruction by the name Arak. He seeks to destroy anything that is against his will and he does it quick but very destructive. Ogama, The Supreme Kai of Universe 5 is very gentle which keeps reminding Arak the importance of the balance between intelligence and power. Their angel Kuchatel is a keen observer and a truth seeker.

Universe 8-10

Universe 8 is arguably the strongest Universe among the 12 existing Universes. Their God Of Destruction looks like a fox who has a strong determination to execute a plan that is given to him by the Gods. II is his Supreme Kai who also has a passion for creating a blueprint to make their Universe far greater than the others. Their attendant is Korn who has a strong self-assertion making him as one of the feared angels in the multiverse. Universe 10 has the laziest God Of Destruction in the name of Ramoushi. He looks like an elephant creature and doesn’t want to get involved in anything. Their Supreme Kai is the oldest Kai in the multiverse called Gowath. Kudzu Vine is their attendant and the smallest Angel in the multiverse. As per the website, she acts like a God but keeps a constant reminder to her God Of Destruction and Supreme Kai on why she was sent by The Grand Priest, Daishinkan.

Universe 12

Lastly, Universe 12 has the most ruthless God Of Destruction. Gene has destroyed almost everything that is against the will of the Gods in their Universe. The Battle Royal in the Tournament of Power doesn’t bother him since he knows they are the elite team in the multiverse. Their Supreme Kai Ag and Angel Martine doesn’t do much as they have no concerns in their Universe.

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