‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Meredith Can’t Hook Up With Riggs Because of Derek’s Ghost?

The latest "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers are showing some uncertainties in the developing relationship between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Riggs (Martin Henderson). It seems that the ghost of Derek, her late husband, haunts whatever romance that might surface in her future. But other leaks seem to suggest that there's a ray of hope on the horizon.

Their First Date Didn't Really Happen

Meredith and Riggs were supposed to have their first date in a previous episode of "Grey's Anatomy." For her, it was not really a date but a case of "hanging out together and see what happens."  But as Riggs was stepping out for the date, here comes Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), telling him that she couldn't imagine Meredith having another love after Derek.

Arizona seemed oblivious that she was laying down some spoilers on the relationship between Meredith and Riggs. She told Riggs how Meredith's heart used to beat only for Derek and even added that she couldn't imagine Meredith loving another man. At any rate, Riggs still went to Meredith's house for their supposed date in "Grey's Anatomy," only to find her completely occupied with Maggie's (Kelly McCreary) problems. The date simply didn't happen.

A Plane Crash Might Help

However, other "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers suggest that there's still hope that Meredith and Riggs might hook up in future episodes. There are reports saying that the two will grow closer after a brush with death from a plane crash. They will help save the injured victims. In relation to this, there are also some rumors suggesting that show creator Shonda Rhimes is again thinking of killing off another major character.

Some fans believe that Meredith is safe since she survived the plane crash. Perhaps, Riggs too since he also survived the crash. As the two grow closer because of this plane crash and its aftermath, some "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers suggest Maggie may pose a problem to the two. They both know about Maggie's feeling towards Riggs. So, if they ever hook up, how will they inform Maggie?

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