Xbox Scorpio News: Specs, Price, Release Date And What You Should Know

Project Scorpio, a new machine that will take over from the Xbox One S as the company's highly awaited gaming device. First teased at the company's E3 presentation last year, Microsoft has finally revealed the new console and is reported to be a massive upgrade. Project Scorpio will be the next successor to the Xbox One, according to a source. In a recent report, the company is calling it "the most powerful console ever built". is significantly more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

Microsoft's plans towards project Scorpio is grand.The headline feature of the new console is its GPU, which will pack a large six teraflops of graphical performance. Scorpio's GPU has 40 compute units compared to the original Xbox's 12 running at a clock speed of 1172MHz up from 853MHz which is a big jump over both the PS4 Pro and original Xbox. More so, its GPU is 4.6 times more powerful than the original Xbox One. The rest of the console's hardware has also been upgraded.

Its AMD CPU speed boosted from 1.75GHz to 2.3GHz while keeping the same number of cores (a 30% increase in horsepower), and also, its memory has been increased to 60% over the original Xbox One. Audio processing has also seen great improvements with Dolby Atmos being included in the console. Excitingly, a recent report noted that the console will support an adaptive frame-rate technology known as FreeSync. Project Scorpio will be the first console to support this technology as it's something that's more commonly found in desktops or PCs.

Moreover, Xbox has recently announced that it will be bringing mixed reality headset support to Xbox One and as well as to Scorpio in 2018. Furthermore, since Project Scorpio doesn't arrive bundled with a VR headset, expect to spend an additional $600-$800. It's already expected that something is set to be unveiled at Microsoft's event in New York on May 2nd, along with the tagline "Learn what's next".


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