‘Riverdale' Spoilers: Details About Another Character's Death Revealed; Betty's Mom Is A Southside Serpent?

Just a few days ago, “Riverdale” show runners confirmed that there will be another death in the season finale. Now, stars from the show have revealed more details about the upcoming death. Meanwhile, the story progresses and it seems like there’s more to the identity of Betty’s mom.

More Details On Another Character’s Death In “Riverdale” Finale

“Riverdale” Season 1 will be wrapping up soon with just a couple of episodes left. However, even before the awaited season finale, executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa already let out that there will be another death in the final episode. KJ Kapa and Luke Perry, who play the roles of Archie Andrews and Fred Andrews respectively then just revealed more details on the upcoming mysterious death.

The two actors attended WonderCon 2017 and accidently blurted out that a character will die. Perry added that the upcoming character’s death was too soon but pointed out that he believes that the character deserves it, too and knew that they had it coming. Given how “Riverdale” has produced a handful of characters that got fans grinding their teeth in rage, it’s just too hard to make a guess just who will meet their demise in the last episode.  

Betty’s Mom Hiding Her Past?

“Riverdale” Season 1 Episode 10, which was titled “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” aired just last week. The episode opened up to more of the characters’ stories and one notable development pertains to Betty’s mom. Alice Cooper, who is portrayed by Madchen Amick, was confronted by F.P Jones, who is Jughead’s father and a recurring character portrayed by Skeet Ulrich.

It was revealed that Alice was once a member of the Southside Serpents, a local motorcycle gang, which F.P. is still part of and leads. The revelation came out when F.P. snapped at Alice for being high and mighty, reminding her not to forget the truth and where she came from. Alice is portrayed as a devious and ambitious woman in “Riverdale”, opposite of the original character portrayed in the popular Archie comics, and her being part of Southside Serpents pretty much explains her toughness.

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