‘Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: The Reincarnation Of Evil Majin Buu; Super Uub Arc And Timeskip Teased?

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has gotten fans all over the world jumping with joy. Not only did the episode feature the best fight so far in the said anime series, it also revealed a new character, hinting even a possibly new story arc.

'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Kid Buu’s Reincarnation

In “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 86, fans were finally able to witness the highly awaited meeting between Android 17 and Goku, even stunningly delivering a great fight between two strong characters. However, before the awaited meeting, another revelation was brought up while Goku was looking for Android 17. In order to find Android 17, Goku had to ask Earth’s guardian, Dende for help and during that time, Dende pointed out that there was a talented young boy who has a high potential for martial arts.

Dende then tasked Goku that he must teach the young boy and help him become the strong warrior he is destined to be because he is actually the reincarnation of Kid Buu, who is also known as Evil Majin Buu. This explains how Super Uub became Goku’s student as revealed in “Dragon Ball Z”. This scene also ties up with “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 30 when during the Universe 6 Saga, Vegeta and Goku were looking for more martial artists. Goku revealed at that time that according to King Yemma, Kid Buu has been reincarnated but since he’s too young to fight, he cannot join any tournament yet.

'Dragon Ball Super' Super Uub Arc Coming Soon?

“Dragon Ball Super” is currently in its Universe Survival Arc, which kicked off not long ago. However, with Evil Majin Buu’s reincarnation brought to light once again, the anime series might be hinting what the next arc might be. Kid Buu’s reincarnation is Super Uub, a skillful fighter that Goku met in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, an arc in “Dragon Ball Z”. Uub was reincarnated into a good person after Goku defeated Kid Buu.

“Dragon Ball Super” is reportedly set years before the events in “Dragon Ball Z” and if the former decides on a Super Uub arc, it will most likely take a timeskip, heading on to events after the aforementioned world martial arts tournament. If that doesn’t happen, “Dragon Ball Super” might feature Super Uub in the present timeline and instead reveal his backstory, the time before he met Goku. But this clearly has to wait since Goku has to help Universe 7 win and survive the upcoming Tournament of Power.

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