Persona 5 Guide To Getting The Good Ending

Other than getting all the treasures and negotiating with the demons in Persona 5, players must also focus in getting the good ending of the game. Players must know and follow the "do's and don't's" in the game to prevent them from having the bad ending.

First, they must acquire the treasure on time. In Persona 5, players are given the task to steal the treasure but they need to follow a strict timetable. They should never forget the deadline when their certain mission will end.

It means that once they fail to get the treasure on time, they will face serious consequences in the game, according to Paste Magazine. The special mission that will dictate whether they will get the bad or good ending is to steal the treasure in Sae's Palace and reenact the casino escape.

Next, they need to be strong even if things are confusing in Persona 5. They must never give up if they are offered to do so. There will be persuasions, repeated scenes that they will be asked to do and the only thing to do is to be stubborn.

Lastly, when they are being questioned, they must not tell the truth in Persona 5. As per Game Rant, they should always trust the one they are closest to. Although interrogations in the game are not very important, there will be questions that they need to answer.

However, they should never forget that in order to succeed in Persona 5, they should establish their bonds with other characters in the game. Once there is trust, there is a high chance of getting the good ending rather failing in the end.

Hopefully, the tips will help players to reach the good ending in Persona 5. They should do their very best so their efforts will not be wasted. If they will be able to have a good track record in the game, then they can avoid disasters in the end.

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