Yooka-Laylee Guide To Finding Trowzer

Yooka-Laylee's Trowzer is a snake but also a salesman. Players can buy from him the abilities they will need in order to beat the game. While he is present in every world, buying abilities from him can still be quite a challenge, as there are chances that players may not find him immediately. Luckily, this guide will help players do just that.

Trowzer's location varies in every Yooka-Laylee world. The abilities he is selling and their prices will also change depending on where he is. His first appearance should be at Shipwreck Creek. He will introduce himself to the players and will offer them Tall Twirl ability for 10 Quills. Players will need the said ability for opening a path to Hivory Towers.

When they reached the Hivory Towers, they will see Trowzer, once again, using his cellphone. According to Segment Next, to get to him, players should have Reptile Roll that can be unlocked once they have the Paige from Capital B's golden statue.

In addition, they will need the Slurp Shot ability to open the Archives where Trowzer is. Once done, he will teach them the Bubble Walk. The ability will be very helpful on new missions during the latter part of the game.

Next, location is at Tribalstack Tropics, where players need to head to the center of the world near Duke's Temple. They need to use the Reptile Roll again to go to the second level. There, they will see Trowzer at the pillar and he will teach them the Slurp Shot, Sonar Shot and Buddy Slam.

At the Glitterglaze Glacier, they can find Trowzer near Vendi, as per Gear Nuke. Players should head to Hoops Challenge. The salesman will teach them the abilities such as Slurp State and Lizard Leap that will be both useful.

Just like in the Glacier, they will spot Trowzer near Vendi again at Moodymaze Marsh. The salesman will teach them the Sonar 'Splosion and Lizard Lash. They can also obtain a Paige that will lead them back to Hivory Towers to learn the Camo Cloak ability.

They can find Trowzer in Capital Cashino near the Corplet Statues inside Capital B casino. They will learn the Reptile Rush ability from the salesman. However, they can also go back again to Hivory Towers to persuade him to teach them the Flappy Flight.

Trowzer's last appearance is near Vendi again at Galleon Galaxy. Here, the salesman will offer them the Sonar Shield that will evolve to Sonar Shot. With these abilities provided, hopefully, players will be able to finish the game even if it gets harder as they progress.

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