Facebook F8 Unveils Futuristic Project: Typing With Your Brain And Hearing Through Skin

In Facebook's annual F8 conference this week, several futuristic projects like the so-called "silent speech interface" have been unveiled. The details of this bizarre project have been discussed in-depth, with incredible demonstrations that typing with your brain has finally been perfected by the tech giant. Other futuristic ideas by the company include hearing sounds through your skin, and melding real world with digital information.

Regina Dugan, Facebook's vice president of engineering and head of its secretive Building 8, revealed on stage that Facebook's future is full of revolutionary technologies. The most extraordinary one will enable us to communicate without typing keys, tapping screens, or even talking. She introduces this amazing technology as the "silent speech interface".

According to CNET, during Facebook's F8, the "brain-to-computer interface" has been explained as a system that would allow us to send thoughts straight to a computer. They even have a video showing a paralyzed woman with ALS typing eight words per minute on the screen just by using her mind. She had been planted with a pea-sized chip on her brain before she was able to perform such feat.

According to Time, this is the first time that such futuristic concept has been successfully demonstrated. Another interesting project hatched from the secretive F8 building is the development of a system that could enable people to "experience" sound by feeling it through their skin. The technology allows people to "hear" or absorb language through vibrations that reflect on the skin.

Finally, Facebook's F8 also unveiled another cool project through Michael Abrash, chief scientist at Facebook-owned Oculus Research. He talked about the company's vision of blending the real world with digital information using AR glasses. Although the company has earned some doubters of its recent unveiled projects, it seems determined to prove that its over-the-moon concepts will become our reality in the future.

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