Watch Dogs 2 Update: No Compromise DLC Available Next Month For Xbox One, Details Here

Another content just arrived in Watch Dogs 2 but for now, it will just be available for PS4. Xbox One users have to wait until May 18 to finally access the newest features from the content. Nevertheless, Ubisoft released a new trailer they can check out just to see what the content has to offer.

Watch Dogs 2 No Compromise DLC Will Be Arriving In Xbox One

It may have take a little while for the newest DLC of Watch Dogs 2 arrives in Xbox One but it will all be worth it. No Compromise will add Moscow Gambit DedSec Operation, according to GamePur. It will be about Marcus hacking an adult film studio requested by Sitara.

The reason Sitara asked Marcus to hack the studio is because of an adult film parody based on the DedSec group. However, players will be able to see several nudes and awkward moments inside the studio, so be prepared.

Other than hacking the studio, there will be a racing mode included. It will be a time-limited challenge that will allow up to six players to compete. In addition, players can access new special vehicles just for the time-limited race. Lastly, there will be a leaderboard wherein players can see the skills they earned in Watch Dogs 2.

Free April Update In Watch Dogs 2

As per Xbox Achievements, players will be able to access 13 new outfits in Watch Dogs 2. Although that will not be the most important feature in the update, as it will also bring the new multiplayer Showd0wn mode.

Players can also access three new PvP 2v2 multiplayer modes. First is Doomload that allows the players to faceoff with each other. The Hack/Protect the Servers is about defending themselves against their enemies, while Steal the HDD is a race using technology. In addition, there are races that include online eKart, motorbike, quad and drone.

XB1 users can settle with the free update in Watch Dogs 2 first. However, the new features for April is as exciting as No Compromise DLC that will soon be available also in PC. Players better be prepared once the DLC goes out, as it will bring them into a whole new world of hacking.

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