Harry Styles Talks About How It Was Dating Taylor Swift; Reveals Real Meaning Behind His Debut Single

One Direction member Harry Styles has opened up about his dating life, particularly how it was dating Taylor Swift. He has also shared the hidden meaning behind his debut solo single, “Sign of the Times.’

Harry Styles And Taylor Swift's Short Romance

Harry Styles had his share of the spotlight when it came to his dating life. He once received criticism and created controversy just for dating Caroline Flack because of their huge age gap. However, no one would ever forget his relationship with pop singer, Taylor Swift.

Styles himself admitted that whenever he sees old paparazzi photos of him and Taylor on a date, he is reminded of how hard relationships are regardless of age. As soon as the news got out that the two stars were dating, paparazzi flocked them and Styles shared that all he wanted was to have a normal date. Styles and Swift first met in October 2012 at an awards show and they dated until January 2013.

Despite being ex-lovers, the One Direction member highly acknowledges Swift’s talent in songwriting. He even said that he considered two of her songs, namely “Out of the Woods” and “Style” to be about their short-lived romance. He even left a special message for Swift, thanking her for the experience and commending her for the powerful songs she’s written.

Harry Styles Explains Hidden Meaning Behind His Song

Aside from being a member of the popular boy band group One Direction, Styles had recently decided to pursue a solo career as well. Just before March ended this year, he announced that he will be releasing a new song, “Sign of the Times”, which is also his debut single. The said song was released on April 7 and it has topped music charts all over the world.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Styles revealed that the hidden meaning behind his new song is surprisingly about a complicated childbirth. He explained that the said song was written from a mother’s point of view as she gives birth to her child. The song, according to Styles, gives life to a dying mother’s last words to her newborn child.

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