How Microsoft's Project Scorpio Will Change The Landscape Of Console Gaming

Microsft has proven a lot of things in the industry it is part of. So, in a sense, one won't doubt the possible success its upcoming console called Project Scorpio will reach. The standards the tech giant wants to achieve with its soon-to-be-released gaming system is said to be one for the books. How exactly will it change the overall console industry? How about its effect in the gaming community?

Project Scorpio is the codename Microsoft gave to its forthcoming console, the latest version of its Xbox iteration. According to TechRepublic, the company just released a preview to all the technicalities involved in the hardware. So far, the specifications are quite astonishing, one that should stir the interest of many gamers.

The GPU settings of Project Scorpio will have a total of 40 customized compute units, all at 1172MHZ. Now, this is a huge step from the previous 12 GCN compute units (853MHZ) of Xbox One. Add to this the memory capacity it'll offer, which is at 12 GB GDDR5, and a bandwith maxed at 326GB/S. Heck, it's even going to offer an Optical Drive at 4K UHD Blu-ray. These are just few of the many technical specifications the new console will offer.

In its most organic form, Microsoft wants Project Scorpio to bring at least 6 Teraflops of graphic output. Now, if this is really possible, it's likely for owners to experience playing games in the true nature of 4K. This is definitely a great steal, especially to those who've bought 4K TVs. This hardware will give them a boost in playing games at a certain level of experience.

Polygon, on the other hand, notes that if the company really wants to push the popularity of Project to a whole new level, they better prepare for E3. After all, the promised features and whatnots will be deemed useless if, at an event like this, the company will not be able to showcase its potentials. During the Electronic Entertainment Expo for this year, it is important that the hardware will be able to show the games that are better played or ran using the console than any other. Besides, this is what Microsoft has been advertising in the first place.

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