Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Which Console Has Better Hardware?

Nintendo Switch and Sony's PS4 have established themselves as exceptional game consoles. In deciding which one to buy, it all comes down to which console feature you favor: stunning graphics or hardware versatility? In terms of hardware performance, find out how both gaming consoles fare in terms of comfort in the grip, range of style, and which one is favored by kids and travelers.

It has been established that the PS4 has more graphical punch, but the Switch is fast becoming the bestselling console due to an entirely different reason: its hardware versatility. Apparently, consumers favor wide-ranging positions with which to play their favorite games in. Unlike PS4's fixed gaming position, with Switch, you can play with the controllers as one with the console, or you can easily detach the controllers and play with some distance from the console, or you can even attach it to a bigger screen and play it like PS4.

Clearly, Nintendo Switch beats out PS4 among kids and travelers as the light portability of the console plays a big part in its playability. According to the Daily Star, it's also great for dads who get nagged away from the TV screen by their kids since Switch lets them easily move to the couch without disturbing their game. It is the most versatile gaming experience ever, and with just a few minor issues, it is probably one the most favorite consoles released to date.

Switch also has a surprisingly robust and solid console feel, with a pleasant, slightly bigger screen than a PlayStation Vita or, but just big enough for the occasional split screen Mario Kart Deluxe race. According to the Daily Express, this also means that Switch does not have the hardware capability to support bigger world games that are the staple of PS4. However, Switch's inherent capability to play games on the go makes it more attractive than the PS4.

In terms of stunning image and VR capability, the PS4 performs way better than the Switch. Basically, if you want a rich, vivid gaming experience, then go for the PS4. However, if hardware versatility and playability is your aim, then reach for the Switch, which is deemed to become a more popular Christmas gift this year compared to any other consoles.

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