Virtual Rick-ality Is A Game Verily Infused With 'Rick and Morty' Signature Humor

"Rick and Morty" is a phenomenal TV show that has finally gotten its first full-blown video game weeks after Season 3 premiered. The comedy show's game is called "Virtual Rick-ality" and as one can gather from the title, it is a virtual reality game.

What's In A Game

Developed by the same set of brains behind "Job Simulator," "Virtual Rick-ality" is an interactive game based on the comedy series co-created by Justin Roiland. Owlchemy Labs turns the player into a Morty clone and drops them in the middle of Grandpa Rick's garage science lab. Meanwhile, the grandfather/grandson duo set off for their exclusive adventure.

And what's a clone to do? Move around the garage, explore and come up with weird knick-knacks using the "combinator." That's a device that combines two objects and spits out a weird substance. Ars Technica writes this is basically what could win the player the game. But it also involves exploration of other rooms and even of outer space to find specific items to mishmash.

Although "Virtual Rick-ality" might seem limited, it's still enjoyable in that a player can get creative. Morty's in-game clone can also check all the drawers and everything around the garage if he wants. And on top of that, the clone can play around with various sci-fi devices left behind by Rick and his original self. Further, the game may follow a sequence but the player is still free to move at their own pace, Polygon says.

The "Rick And Morty" Brand

The game also frequently reminds the player of the show it is based on. But fans, have no fear. For the jokes of "Virtual Rick-ality" does not hand out refurbished gags. Rather, Owlchemy Labs worked with the show writers and producers to come up with fresh lines and ones that look back at the comedy show's moments. There is a joke in every object the player picks up and in every achievement they unlock.

There is a caveat, though. Those who frequently watch "Rick and Morty" know that some of the show's jokes can be disgusting. That is why Andrew Eiche and team had to be careful when developing the game. But they did their best to translate the organic, squishy and floppy world of the silly series into virtual reality.

The key to that? They did not compromise on the quality of the virtual experience. They hired the show's voice actors to lend their voice acting chops to the game. Plus, they thought long and hard about the jokes.

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