‘Arrow' Season 5 Finale: Deathstroke Returns, Prometheus' Deadly Game

CW Network and the producers of “Arrow” just released an explosive trailer on their season finale. Apparently, Oliver Queen will cross path again with an old friend, his name is Slade Wilson.

Deathstroke Returns

This is somehow long overdue already for the fans as they were expecting Slade Wilson to reemerge since the beginning of Season 5. Nevertheless, Slade Wilson or better known as Deathstroke will make its timely return and it might sound crazy but he and Oliver Queen will make a pact with each other. The show might be on a hiatus but they definitely provided some spark when it was revealed that multiple characters will return.

Aside from Slade Wilson, Nyssa Al Ghul will also make her return. It is fully documented that Nyssa Al Ghul has an unfinished business with her sister Talia. For those who are not familiar, Talia is allied with Adrian Chase. As per the latest info provided, the show will still revolve around Adrian Chase. It seems that Oliver Queen and his team have a hard time hunting the former District Attorney. Also, various enemies of Green Arrow will continue to make Oliver Queen’s life miserable. Dolph Lundgren, Cody Rhodes and Yao Fei are rumored to have created a blueprint on how to stop Oliver Queen.

Prometheus And His Deadly Game

Lastly, ever since Prometheus was introduced on the show, he seems to have fun with toying against Green Arrow. There are numerous theories on why Prometheus is causing a lot of turmoil but none of them seems to solve the puzzle. Prometheus is playing a deadly game that puts the lives of Team Arrow in danger. He already set an example to Vigilante and as the show progress, Prometheus once again showed that he is always a step ahead against Oliver Queen. Will Prometheus finally be successful with his evil plans? Or will Green Arrow outsmart the villain?

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