OnePlus 5 vs Google Pixel 2: Rumored Specs, Features And Price Comparison

There is some debate as to whether there will be a OnePlus 4 this year, or will it actually be called the OnePlus 5 since the number four is considered as bad luck in China, the company is rumored to call its next upcoming flagship killer the OnePlus 5 instead. Meanwhile, After the massive success of Google's first-gen Pixel smartphones launched last year, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the search giant is now gearing up to roll out its second iteration which is heavily rumored as the next-gen flagship possibly dubbed as Google Pixel 2.

Possible Release Dates And Prices

The OnePlus 5 rumors are circulating on the internet and leak suggests it will arrive before the end of June and the price tag is under $500. Google Pixel 2's release date is expected to get scheduled in October 2017 and reports claim that Google Pixel 2 might come with a $50 price hike. The current 32GB Pixel phone price starts at $650.

OnePlus 5: Possible Design, Features, And Specs

The OnePlus 5 is reported to arrive with 5.5-inch dual-curved edge AMOLED display with an FHD 1080p of resolution. One Plus 5 is set to power Snapdragon 835 with massive of 8 GB RAM and 128GB internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via microSD card. Rumors rounding up that OnePlus 5 is rumored to sport a 25MP main camera and a 12MP shooter for selfies, to run Android 7.1 out of the box and a 4000mAh battery life capacity.

Google Pixel 2: Possible Design, Features, And Specs

Google Pixel 2 might come with a curved OLED display, also said to feature the stunning curved "Infinity Displays." The next-gen smartphone is rumored to power Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 Pro SoC processor coupled with 6GB of RAM, X16 mobile LTE modem chip and Adreno 540 GPU clocked at least 670 MHz. It is also expected to run Android O out of the box. Google Pixel 2 said to be water resistant and will feature Qualcomm's QuickCharge 3.0 feature with USB-C. As for the cameras, Google is also reported focusing on the device's camera as the current smartphone's camera has been well reviewed across the industry and hopes to "master" low light photography.

The Verdict

OnePlus 5 has a major edge when it comes to RAM and Google Pixel 2 stands out when it comes to the camera, as its current-gen Pixel handsets have been reviewed as "the best smartphone cameras ever made."


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