Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: A Beautiful Yet Fragile Smartphone

Conclusively, what makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 a winner isn’t any of its unique specifications or the original assistant smart features that the company has been pushing hard. In fact, Samsung’s entrant of a new AI, which is called as Bixby, falls short. The Galaxy S8 wins being a beautiful smartphone with an industry-leading hardware design that summons Apple iPhone’s aesthetic power.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: A Beautiful Smartphone

As far as the records are a concern, Samsung Galaxy S8 buyers bought the new flagship because they believe that it is the most beautiful phone available in the market now. Even if some says it falls short of being completely bezel-less, it is still a reflection of perfect physical appearance for a smartphone. In fact, according to Forbes, "Samsung has created a truly stunning, maybe even iconic, design."

With all the designs and displays of the new Samsung flagship, the future of smartphones can already be seen. Galaxy S8 is only 3g heavier compared to the 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 and 17g heavier than Apple's iPhone 7. And since it as narrow as the iPhone 7, with 68.1 mm vs 67.1 mm, it literally feels small in hand just like what Apple wants for the users to experience. With this, it will not be hard to reach from side to side and makes typing easier and faster.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: A Fragile Smartphone

On the other hand, even how beautiful the Samsung Galaxy S8 is, the smartphone is still not the perfect build. In fact, the glass back part of the flagship device cracked on the very first drop, as tested by CNET. There are a series of torture test that leads to the damage of the phone: hip-height drop, eye-level drop and SUV height drop.

The rear part of the Galaxy S8 cracked on the first drop test. However, after so many slides and falls, it still looks a lot better than expected. And the good news here, it is still very much in a good working condition. Yes, there are cracks at the back of the smartphone, but the glass isn't coming off and most of the damage could apparently be masked with a good case. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fragile smartphone, but at least it is still working, which is the most important aspect.


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