Heroes Of The Storm: Here's How To Get 20 Champions For Free Following The 2.0 Changes

Heroes of the Storm players can get 20 free champions following the latest major update. The grand patch brings forth a lot of new mechanics while streamlining the game for a better experience.

According to Forbes, Blizzard is gearing up for a major 2.0 relaunch for its MOBA that launched around two years ago. This system will revamp the lootbox and progression system while implementing some large-scale gameplay changes. This is an effort to bring in some new players while providing a better experience for veteran players.

Since its release, Heroes of the Storm has launched over dozens of characters ranging from each respective Blizzard series. While it may seem like a daunting task for newcomers to collect the heroes they want, Blizzard has just announced a way for them to easily collect 20 free champions on the spot. It is offering players a 20-hero bundle for free if they log in on April 25 to May 22 in celebration of the major patch.

Players have the choice of picking the Assassin, Flex, Tank or Support & Specialist bundle. Each character will be under a specific category and each have their own specialties in combat. Needless to say, this is a great way to entice new players to at least try the game. Moreover, players have the choice of choosing one out of four roles that will suit their personal playstyle.

BGR shares that Blizzard has put together a short quiz on its website for those who have never played the game. The result will advise them on which bundle they should choose. Those who prefer to stay on the frontlines and shield allies should probably stick with Tanks while players who prefer to keep their comrades alive should pick the support bundle instead.

Despite the complicated rules in MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm provides some easy-to-learn mechanics making it very beginner friendly. Those who are interested should take advantage of the free 20 champions when they get the chance.

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