‘The Originals' Season 4 Update: CW Postponed 'Supernatural' And 'Arrow' To Give Way For The New Episode?

"The Originals" is arguably one of the greatest TV series that CW Network was able to produce. However, to this day, there was no given information yet on whether or not the series will resume this month. When CW “postponed” two of their shows, fans thought that “The Originals” will be given the spotlight but it didn’t happen.

Fans are a little bit annoyed already about the new episode of “The Originals” not having a release yet. Multiple fans have voiced out their opinions in different social media platforms and the certainly they want the show to come back as soon as possible. The producers of the show are still tight-lipped about the future of “The Originals” as they haven’t renewed the vampire show. There are multiple speculations that the reason behind the delay is because of creative issues.

Klaus And The Servant Of The Hallow

Amidst the issues that the show is in, CW posted on their site that “The Originals” will be back and the new episode will be aired on April 28. For those who forgot on what had happened on the last episode, fans can now revisit it in multiple streaming sites. Also, CW provided a hint on what is going to happen on Season 4 Episode 6. According to the post, Klaus will be the main focus as he is trying to find the Servant of The Hallow. The new trailer also suggests that Klaus was successful in finding the servant but it does have a twist.

Freya will make a big impact on the latest episode as she will be instrumental in unlocking the memory of Hayley who is searching the whereabouts of her family. Season 5 is also plausible as they have stated before that majority of the creative work is already finished. The only problem is, there is no update if they will have Season 6.

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