Meet OnePlus' Limited Midnight Black 3T Edition

If you're looking for a solid new Android phone at a bargain price, OnePlus got you covered. This android smartphone with a large cult following is welcoming its latest addition in the gorgeous color of matte midnight black. This limited unit has all the same specs and unbelievably affordable price that is half of Samsung's Galaxy S8.

The speedy android phone that feels like an $800 handset is now sporting a formidable black color. This excellent Android phone is almost $300 less than the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it has one of the latest and fastest processors. This new model has a great overall performance, equipped with customizable OxygenOS, a big 3, 400 mAh fast-charging battery, and gives you bragging rights for grabbing a limited edition.

Even if this gorgeous OnePlus Midnight Black 3T is not a limited edition, it is recommended that you pick one up anyway. According to CNBC, since it's one of the best budget phones right now, it's no surprise it has gained a huge following. Plus this midnight black color is very easy on the eyes.

The phone maker really went out of its way to apply three coats of paint on this Black version. The result is a sense of the machine-milled metal body underneath its stunning surface. The limited color edition also offers protection from elements that could easily strip away the phone's luster.

According to PC Mag, when placed under the harsh glare of the studio lights, OnePlus' Midnight Black limited edition's 14 microns thick coating of paint looks suitably lustrous. It's compared to a Terminator that oozes sex appeal as it is hard, dark and dangerous-looking at the same time. However, the best thing about this gadget is still its very affordable price.

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