Here's Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition In A Nutshell

The titular franchise Dark Souls is, sad to say, done and complete, with Dark Souls 3 being the last iteration. In a way to celebration this completion, Bandai Namco has opted to go for a last hurrah. So what exactly is this? Well, it's simply by releasing the Complete Edition. Here it is in a nutshell.

According to CinemaBlend, the Dark Souls 3 Complete Edition is the studio's way of giving back to the fans of the franchise. It will be released to both the PC and home console platforms. This one right here is said to contain all of the DLCs released by the video game company, and shall be released in one single, affordable package. This is definitely a huge treat to the players.

The aforementioned Dark Souls 3 edition is available to acquire for only $49.99; and remember, it already comes with the base version (full) of the game. This also comes with two of the most recent contents released by the studio -- namely, the Ashes of Ariandel and the Ringed City. The Complete Edition will be released both as a digital and physical content all throughout Australia, Europe and America. Technically, it is dubbed as Dark Souls 3: Fire Fades Away Edition.

In a sense, the Dark Souls 3 Complete Edition is Bandai Namco's way of confirming that the series is complete; that contrary to what most players believe, they will not be making any spin-offs or sequels. It should be noted that the developers have since reiterated their plans to move forward with a new IP; or perhaps, for the time being, this is the plan they want to achieve.

For interested Dark Souls 3 players, PlayStationLifeStyle is having a giveaway for the Complete Edition. All in all, they'll be giving a total of five copies -- all physical. The publication has released a set of instructions meant for players to follow. The draw for this giveaway is slated to end this week, and the lucky winners will be contacted to provide their shipping address.

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