Xiaomi Mi 6 Might Not Launch In US And Europe Until 2019

In 2015, Xiaomi started to operate in the US and Europe by selling audio accessories and power banks. Hugo Barra, one of the vice presidents of Xiaomi, had hinted that his firm was preparing itself for mobile launches in the US and Europe. On the other hand, Wang Xiang, also as a vice president at Xiaomi, has stated that the company has no plans of visiting the US or Europe for smartphone market anytime soon.

As far as history is concerned, Xiaomi launched the Mi Box in the US later last year. According to Gadgets 360, Xiaomi seems to be focusing on the 30 countries it currently serves. This is because the company is really trying its effort to operate and expand in those countries. The vice president also confirmed that Xiaomi has no plans of launching the next flagship of the company, the Mi 6, in the US or Europe.

Xiang also notes that the dedicated engineers cannot afford the time to do the meticulous testing required for a US launch. This test is to ensure that the smartphone will be compatible enough with all carriers. However, the VP official did not completely put the hood on its US launch hopes and claimed that it is on the timeline maybe in the next two years, that is by 2019.

"Even though we don't sell [in the US or Western Europe], we feel very sorry for not serving them well," Xiang said. As reported by Engadget, Xiaomi was the No. 2 smartphone maker in India, No. 3 in the whole Ukraine, Indonesia and Myanmar. With a great record in the market share last Q4 2016, there will likely continue to expand as the company plans to uncover more and more authorized stores with local retailers or distributors.

Last week, the Xiaomi Mi 6 was launched in China and the big highlights of the device are its sleek design, the dual camera at the back and the latest processor of Snapdragon 835. Despite the many recognition and overflowing success, Xiaomi is still not perfect, especially its sales. The China-based tech firm also faced supply-chain issues last quarter, which may explain why it fell as the fifth company in China. "Therefore, we are in no hurry to serve the developed markets," Xiang explained.


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