Samsung And LG Want A Phone With Curves In The Right Places

Samsung has succeeded in making the Galaxy S8 look larger than it is, thanks to its almost bezel-less Infinity Display featuring a screen that curved along its sides. Rumors are rampant that Samsung, as well as LG, is working on adding curves at the top and bottom sides.

The rumor, which originated from South Korean news publication ETNews and picked up by Android Authority, says that the two tech companies are separately developing a design that will allow smartphones to have as much as 98 percent display on their front. This is potentially doable by, as mentioned, curving all four sides of the phone.

As ETNews noted, this is no easy task. Samsung apparently had a difficult time figuring out how to integrate curved screens onto their product. Samsung Display utilized a lamination process for the Galaxy S8 that wrapped the screen around the left and right sides of the device. Doing the same with the top and bottom sides may lead to a sort of blind spot in which touch functions will not register. As Mashable pointed out, the curved corners of an all-glass display will enable such functions rendering them useless and nothing more than for show.

Samsung Display and LG Display are the two most prominent suppliers of screens. Samsung will supply the OLED screen for the iPhone 8 which will either be flat or slightly curved. LG, meanwhile, has provided the curved screens of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. The two tech companies have also already released their own smartphones with curved displays. Samsung has the aforementioned Galaxy S8 which has a screen that takes up 83 percent of the phone's facade. LG, meanwhile, has the LG G6 with its "full vision" display that covers 80 percent of the front.

If Samsung and LG succeed in developing a smartphone with curves on all sides, the tech world will be looking at a smartphone with a huge glass display in a small body. It will also be more prone to breakage since bezels will not be there to absorb impact.

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