Apple May Delay The Launch Of iPhone 8 For A Good Reson

The usual September launch of Apple products may be delayed to October or November due to various reasons. The rumors of Apple facing possible production delays with its new flagship have been circulating in the tech field for a couple of weeks. However, the said suspension and severe shortages for iPhone 8 are not expected to affect new lower-end editions.

The Launch of iPhone 8 May Be Delay By Two Months

Earlier this month, a rumor from Apple’s supply chain claimed that iPhone 8 launch will be delayed by two months. So, instead of the typical September launch, Apple may unveil its new flagship smartphone either October or November. This circumstance is mainly because of the complexities that stem from the new OLED screen display and the changes required to sensors and cameras.

The problems on the OLED screen, sensors, and cameras were claimed by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities. As reported by Fortune, Apple had to custom order some of the cutting-edge elements of the overhauled model of the upcoming iPhone 8. "The processing chip running the phones, Apple's custom A11, is also being manufactured on new 10-nanometer scale equipment, further complicating matters," Kuo said.

The Delay Of iPhone 8 Is For A Good Reason

A delay will hopefully mean that Apple developers have months to work on the enhancement of iOS 11, as stated by BGR. That means no buckboard applications on its official launch, and probably, third-party developments will have more time to take advantage of new features on the iPhone 8. Still, Apple hasn't said anything regarding the new iPhone 8 features or promised when they will be announced.

The company was somewhat late to pick up the trend of producing larger phone screens until it introduced the iPhone 6 Plus in 2015. Now, Asian rivals such as LG and Samsung have beaten Apple to the punch with better-looking, edge-to-edge screens. Meanwhile, after suffering its annual decline in mobile devices sales last year, Apple will surely make this iPhone 8 worth the wait.


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